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COINCUBE - automatic trading platform

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Tittle : COINCUBE - automatic trading platform
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COINCUBE - automatic trading platform

COINCUBE - automatic trading platform


COINCUBE is an automatic trading platform for bitcoin. It uses your chosen API (coinbase, bitfinex) for an exchange to use your bitcoin to grow your investment. They use an algorithm called WAVE to trade bitcoins into and out of whatever currency you choose (USD, EUROS, etc.). They charge either a flat rate or a performance based rate, performance based rates make more sense because then you only pay if you make money.


How COINCUBE works allows you to have all your holdings in your own account. For instance, I use the Bitfinex exchange in my "CUBE". All the bitcoin I'm using with the platform sits in the exchange account of your choosing, meaning you have control to take your bitcoin whenever you'd like.

They also have 2 factor authentication on your account if you choose (which i always recommend), it's a solid step to a more secure platform and even if they get through that, the bitcoin doesn't even live within your COINCUBE account.

Overall, check it out, it's been pretty cool so far. (REMEMBER: Never invest money that you can't afford to lose).


For those who started using this platform while BTC price was low, you may be experiencing a decrease in your holdings. Now I just want to talk about that for a moment so you don't get uncomfortable with this trend.

This generally happens to any trading commodity like bitcoin, it will have highs and lows, and this algorithm will try and take margin trends and turn a profit out of them. For this scenario, you may "lose" some money at least temporarily. This could turn around in a matter of a week though. One piece of advice that was told to me several times is to not panic sell and to let it ride, its called an investment for a reason

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