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GAW Miners - Black Widow

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Tittle : GAW Miners - Black Widow
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GAW Miners - Black Widow

I didn't get any scrypt miners until recent, and I know these have been around for a while, but they yield some pretty serious bitcoin.

So I'm currently running 2 13MH/s Black Widows, and getting in and around 0.01BTC/day. They are a fairly noisy unit, but I've found that purchasing fairly mid-grad computer fan, and subbing it in for the factory fan, reduces noise massively and also doesn't result in heat issues (take this with a grain of salt, make sure you do get the appropriate fan for the unit, size, and speed).

A good suggestion also, for running units like this is to get a high efficiency PSU to help reduce heat in the wires, as well as noise of the PSU. I'm running a 1300 Watt EVGA PSU with no issues, powering both of my units.


I've set my pool up with CleverMining because of their profitability and auto conversion into BTC. Now, before people hate on multipools because it essentially can end up increasing sell pressure, I'm aware. But at the end of the day, I'm not a Litecoin or other altcoin miner, I'm here for the BTC. All days were not full days mining, I had been switching between pools for the first few days.

Ok, Guys ...GAW Miners - Black Widow

Thanks a lot you come here GAW Miners - Black Widow And Thank's.

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